Lifestyle Hospitality Group


About Us


Lifestyle Hospitality Group develops our own properties, and we will partner with developers, land owners, or investors who want to create something different in the real estate markets. While our initial market is Nashville and the surrounding communities, we are also working in growth areas like Jackson / Brownsville, Tennessee. We are a small firm, we are not in a hurry to grow. We are focused on creating brand value, developing quality properties, and investment returns for our partnerships.

Lifestyle Hospitality Group is my new venture and I am so excited about it.

Lifestyle Hospitality Group (LHG) develops real estate in Nashville markets. We build, manage and provide luxury boutique housing and develop residential properties for resale. We offer premium luxury boutique housing for both residential and smaller multi family living.

With our property, you will experience some of the most luxurious finishes and incredible views. We don’t just develop homes, we create lifestyles.

Our properties are designed with the highest standards in mind so that you enjoy owning a luxury boutique property without any hassle.

Let us take care of everything for you!

Laura Tunnicliffe, President, Lifestyle Hospitality Group